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Hydro Turbine Bearings

The Recognised choice for Long Life, Low Friction Bearing Systems.

Reliability, long life & superior customer service have made Thordon Bearings the standard with hydro-electric power producers for pollution free, lowfriction bearing systems. When specifying operating mechanism bearings, water- lubricated turbine main shaft guide bearings, Thordon is the proven choice for value and performance for both rehabilitation and turbine projects.

Shaw Engineering design Thordon Bearings & provide customers with bearing system designs that meet or exceed their specifications. Depending on the application, the optimum bearing can be selected from several Thordon grades and configurations.

Thordon Bearing's field proven Hydro-Turbine bearing systems offers significant technical and customer benefits.
Low Friction No need for Hardened, Ground Journals
Long Life High Pressure Capacity
Pollution Free Easily Machined and Fitted
Sizing Flexibility - Easily Machined Accomodates Edge Loading
High Abrasion Resistance Wet or Dry Operation
High Resillience / Impact Resistance Lip Seal Availability
Extensive Application Reference
Typical Hydro Application Information For Francis & Kaplan Turbine
Application Information
Wicket Gate and Linkage Bearings Segmented Shaft Seals
Turbine main shaft guide bearings Runner Wear Rings
Screen Bearings and wear pads Wicket Gate Bearing Seal and Packing
Operating Ring Wear Pads Pump Bearings
Wicket Gate Thrust Bearings Butterfly Valves Seal and Trunion Bearings
Servo-Motor and Servo-Link Bearings Kaplan Propeller Hub Bearings
Control Gate Bearings